Recipe – Queen Nikki’s Wild Turkey Bite Recipe

Wild turkey bite recipe: Be sure to soak the breast the night before cooking in a pot of salt water. 1) Peel the membranous white film off the turkey breast because that film will make it chewy. 2) Cut the breast making 1/2 inch to 1 inch bite size pieces 3) dip the pieces in […]

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Meet Queen Hannah – North Dakota’s Newest Queen of Camo

Hi my name is Hannah. I grew up in North Dakota. I love to hunt and fish. Hunting is a huge passion of mine. I started fishing when I was 6 years old and hunting when I was 13. I harvested my first deer when I was 14 years old. I have been blessed to […]

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Erin’s Corner – The Pros and Cons of drawing a once in a lifetime tag

As I sit here and reflect on the whole year and my season, I cant believe how fast everything went. The day I checked my ALS status to see what I had drawn, the usual archery elk or archery antelope I would put in for is what I would see “successful”, this year was different. […]

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Queen Angela – Raising a Prince of Camo

I’m a 36 year old mother of 4. My husband has a daughter and I have three sons. All of our boys hunt and participate in outdoor activities. They bow shoot, fish, noodle, and shoot firearms. I began hunting with my dad and uncle at a very young age. I developed quite an addiction very […]

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Queen Kaylyn’s Photo – Baby and Fawn

This all started when I was five. I went hunting for the first time only because my older cousin killed his first deer. So if he did it of course I had to do it too. My very first time hunting I killed a deer. Yea I know luck right, well it all started right […]

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From the Men – Craig’s Epic Goose Story

To further the photos: It’s 10pm and one of my hunting partners calls me. “Hey where are you?” “At work what’s up?” “Snow Geese in the morning. I have a spot for you, on a 75,000 bird field.” “I’ll be there” *click* I was finishing an evening shift at the firehall, and still had to […]

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Queen Donna – Louisiana Huntress

Let me begin by saying, I have been around hunters all my life. After all I was born and raised in Louisiana, the state known as the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” Everybody in my family hunted something, squirrels, rabbits, deer, duck, fox, you name it, and somebody in the family hunted it. When I say “somebody” I […]

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Meet Ashlee – Australia’s Newest Queen of Camo

My names Ashlee and I’m from Victoria, Australia. I’m currently 23 and am a farm manager and a mum to a little 6 month old boy. I started hunting at the age of 15 going up with friends. I started out stalking then became more interested in hunting on the hounds. It slowly turned into a family affair […]

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Ashley’s Corner – Huntin’ with my Boys

Start of 2016 Started off 2016 with my hunting partners #Myboys As a mother who’s hobby turned into a passion, it has also brought me and my boys a lot closer! Not only is it my passion now but it is there’s as well! Being “that” mom who helps teach my children about the rules, […]

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Queen Julianne’s Epic Hunt

As a young girl, the only time I spent shooting a bow outside of summer camp and gym class was when my grandpa brought home an older wooden long bow for us kids to play with. I had fun shooting, but it never turned into anything serious. Little did I know just how big bows […]

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