Meet Queen Nikki – East Tennessee Mother, Wife, Huntress

My name is Nikki and I’m from East Tennessee. I reside in the city of Maryville. I’m a mother of 2 spectacular young men and I work in a hospital lab when I’m not hunting. As a child up till now I’ve always been an adrenaline seeking adventurous outdoor type of lady. I enjoy rifle […]

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Queen Chantelle – Canadian Huntress

My name is Chantelle and I am from Dawson Creek, BC Canada and hunting is my life! I have been hunting for as long as I can remember. Hunting, fishing and the outdoors was a huge part of my childhood as my family depended on wild game as a major food source. My parents taught […]

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Meet Savannah – Arizona Queen

My name is Savannah, and I am a 22 year old registered nurse from Bagdad, Arizona and am passionate about hunting and the outdoors. I grew up a country girl in the great state of Arizona. Spending my days outside with the animals, in the mud and dirt, on quads and horses, and always with […]

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Meet Queen Ivory

It was truly amazing to see other women, moms to be so passionate about hunting the way I am! I’m mostly just a waterfowl hunter but within the last two years I joined a local archery club to get me used to shooting my bow that I worked hard and save up for and I […]

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Amber’s Corner – Goose Jerky Recipe

Goose can be a tricky thing to cook, one of my staples for goose meat is jerky. Its easy and delicious! What you need: -Goose breasts (about 1-1 1/2lbs for each kind of seasoning you plan to use) -Jerky Cure (we use Eastman Outdoors and in this specific batch we used Mesquite and Sweet Habanero) […]

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Amber’s Corner – Private Land & Hunting

Private land is often overlooked as a privilege and a valuable asset to many that are involved in hunting or just getting started in this wonderful sport. With prices of land increasing and leases becoming more expensive and harder to find, it is forcing many who love the sport to reach out and seek the […]

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Kelly’s Product Review – Stealth Cam SD

Everyone has certain things that are permanent fixtures in their hunting bag. Those things we just can’t live without when heading out to the woods. In my first review in my new “Hunting Gear Must Haves” series, I am going to heavily BRAG on a cool new “must have” that I recently “picked up” and […]

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Erin’s Epic Mountain Lion Adventure

Have you ever wanted just one animal to check off your list, one that was the top priority and you had the chance to do it? I had this chance this year.A mountain lion hunt.I had gone a few times last year but was not able to harvest one.This year was my year.A few Saturday’s […]

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Kelly’s Product Review – C’mere Deer Corn Coat

The end of deer season always prompts the thoughts of “next” season, the oncoming and yet to be season. One thing that’s always talked about at our house is attracting the deer throughout the off season and finding a plan to “keep” them coming around and possibly even fattening them up a bit. After the […]

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Wild Game Recipe – Venison Stew

Here’s a quick and easy recipe that requires almost no effort! And that’s my kind of dinner! Venison stew that makes its own gravy. 1 package of venison roast (I sometimes use 2 packages of chops if I don’t have a roast in the freezer) 2 cans golden mushroom soup 1 package dry onion soup […]

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