Kelly’s Product Review – Swhacker 100 Gr. Low-Poundage Broadhead

Wow is all I can say about the Swhacker 100 Gr. Low Poundage Broad! After receiving this little gem in the mail, I was more than anxious to remove the practice broadhead from the package and race out in the back yard and start slinging arrows into our deer target. Boy was I impressed! There […]

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Meet Tori – A Dove Hunt and a Chucky Cheese

Often men spend a large amounts of time and money consumption on a bird dog and they also bond with them. My dad did not see the pride in a bird dog necessary when he had two perfectly good retrievers known as my sister and I. What’s better than two girls 6 and 3 years […]

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Meet Ashley – The Biggest Buck

Harvesting my biggest buck to date is an experience I’ll never forget. I had all but given up hope for Kentucky’s rifle season. There were only a few days left and I had only seen a few small bucks. I’m no trophy hunter, to me a buck is a buck and every harvest is a […]

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Product Review – Buck Cage

If you’re looking for scent dispensers to take out with you to your stand, all you have to do is go online and there are literally tons to choose from. That being said, I recently tried Foxworthy Outdoors’ Buck Cage “The ORIGINAL” Polymer Bead Scent Dispenser” and I am hooked. Nothing I have seen or […]

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Meet Queen Melissa

My name is Melissa Sheets and I live and hunt in the Sandhills of Nebraska. This was my third year hunting with my husband now. I have been a part of Queens of Camo for two years. Hunting has been one of my passions since I was a young girl. This is my story on […]

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Product Review – Dead Down Wind

  Hunting is a challenge all by itself but SUCCESSFUL hunting is even more of a challenge. When you’re out in your stand or in your blind, there are many factors that affect whether or not you’re going to catch a glimpse of that deer you’ve been tracking all summer or better yet get close […]

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The First Saturday

Here in Pennsylvania, Doe Season starts on the first Saturday, after a week of buck hunting. For most people, that first day of buck is the most anticipated, hoping to get that old deer with a big rack, just praying a wall-hanger comes your way. But this isn’t the case for our family! We cannot […]

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Meet Queen Brittany

My name is Brittany. I have been shooting a bow since I was 10 years old and bow hunting since I was 15. I hunt with my dad, Tim. He’s taught me everything I know about shooting a bow and hunting Minnesota and Wisconsin whitetails. We’ve dedicated our life to this hobby and my dad […]

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Amber’s Corner – The Adventure

My passion for the outdoors isn’t just a passion, for me hunting and being in the outdoors is my life. From the time that I was just a baby my parents and grandparents continuously had my brother any myself outside hunting, fishing or just enjoying nature. I am lucky enough to live in an area […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Adapt & Overcome

I am a hunter, but also I am a woman, a mom, wife and a disabled Army veteran. Each of these titles I take seriously and try to perform each of them to the best of my abilities. Living up to what I think I should be as each of those is not always an […]

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