Kelsey’s Corner – The Importance of Duck IDs

Thanks to reality TV, the “Duck Dynasty” era has brought some major attention to the duck hunting industry. Whether or not this attention is making a positive or negative impact on duck hunting and hunters is up for debate. There is, of course, the fact that interest in the sport has increased which leads to […]

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Erin’s Corner – Mother, Wife, Huntress

My name is Erin and I grew up in Great Falls, MT. My dad was a hunter, would mainly hunt for deer, but it would put food on our table. I always loved being around it but I don’t think I understood the true meaning of hunting until I was doing it myself. I moved […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Hog Wild

Hog Wild     In 1994 Wild Boar Adventures was developed as an opportunity for the average hunter to hunt an exotic species right here at home in Canada. For many, a trip to Europe to hunt the European Wild Boar would be out of the question. At Wild Boar Adventures you can not only […]

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Savannah’s Corner – Chasin’ Tail

I’ve been hunting for years now and nothing has taught me more about it than chasing squirrel with my toddler. Until Wes came along hunting was all about myself and the time I got to spend alone in the woods. After he was born though hunting slowed down of course and I knew if I […]

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Emily’s Corner – My Life with My Best Friend

Growing up everyone has that one best friend that the friendship last a life time. I just so happen to have my best friend since the day I was born my dad! My father grew up in Homosassa FL where his brothers and he all lived off the land. My dad grew up gator hunting, […]

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Meet Courtney – Louisiana Huntress

My name is Courtney, I have been born and raised in Louisiana my entire life. I have an amazing 8 year old son whom just shot his first deer all by himself on the exact same property I killed my first, one of the most amazing experiences ever! I just graduated college this December majoring […]

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Queens of Camo Video Series – Our Male Supporters, Waterfowl Hunting Guide Craig

Craig is one of a growing number of men stepping up to support Queens of Camo all over the world! Thanks Craig for the support!

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Heather’s Corner – Conservation through Hunting

Many are under the misconception that hunters are only after the kill. It can be difficult to understand how harvesting an animal can aid the conservation of its species. It is my goal to bring to light how hunters are also conservationists. According to information from the US Fish & Wildlife service; the […]

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Queens of Camo Video Series – Meet Queen Kelsey

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Sharon’s Corner – Hunting for Grizzly Bear

Our hunting season always consisted of hunting for only ungulates. Hunting for bear was never on our agenda. In 2014 we decided to take on the challenge of hunting Spring grizzly bear. It is done through a Limited Entry Hunting draw in our area, so being able to hunt one means you have to win […]

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