Danielle’s Hunting Story

My name is Danielle.i am a newly wed of six months..I met my husband two years ago…he is a big time hunter.iv always wanted for someone to not only take me hunting but to really teach me how to hunt..he took me to his hunting land we jumped on the four wheeler and that’s when […]

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Billie’s Hunting Story

My hunting story starts off with me never thinking I would be the girl to have a hunting story. I was a pageant, cheerleading, city girl. I did not grow up hunting or fishing and never shot a gun until I met my husband. He grew up you eat what you kill and was always […]

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Sherri’s Hunting Story

The reason I originally started hunting was to be able to tag along with my Dad and my brother James. I was never a fan of being indoors much, I actually remember getting in trouble and the punishment was that I had to stay inside for the day! I would have definitely been classed as a tomboy. Growing up on […]

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Samantha’s Hunting Story

I got into hunting at first as a way to connect more with my then boyfriend by sharing our love for the outdoors. I grew up shooting guns and occassionally getting taken along with my dad when turkey hunting, so I thought it would be an easy way to show interest in one of his […]

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Janiyah’s Hunting Story

My name is Janiyah and I have also wanted to go hunting while I was little, but I never had anybody to take. Hunting has always been a very interesting sport for someone to do. Three years ago I met the love of my life, who just so happened to be really into hunting. He […]

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Krista’s Hunting Story

Hi I am Krista Koontz. I got I’m to hunting at the age of 3. My dad took me out for the first time and I have loved it ever since. It has taught me a lot. I have learned the meaning of don’t waste anything if it can be used us it. I have […]

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Francine’s Hunting Story

I am from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy both target shooting and hunting. I first was introduced to hunting by my husband. He has been an avid hunter from a very young age and I wanted to try it as I thought it may be a good activity we could do together. Boy was I right!! […]

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Why I Choose Ladder Stands

Hunting has always been a couple of different things for me. It has been a way of providing for my family and a way of escaping all the busyness of life and just relaxing and getting back to nature. This is my time, and I want it to be as stress-free as possible. Part of […]

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Another Kind of Hunting…

I am addicted to hunting, simply put. But then again, I think that most of us here have an addiction to hunting. I get a heavy heart when the last day of archery season comes and then goes here in Missouri, it is similar to a birthday coming and going. Four months seems like a […]

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Huntress in Red

Hello everyone! I am very excited to be writing a blog for the television series Queens of Camo and share my hunting and outdoor experience with you all! First off a little bit of a background on me. My name is Brandi Jo, born and raised in central Wisconsin. I have been hunting for several […]

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