Jeana’s Corner – A Life of Love

I have always loved the outdoors; from a little girl making mud pies and going snake hunting, in the pasture field, with my neighbor, there is no place that I would have rather been. Not sure sure about the snake hunting part though, since seeing one now sends me into panic attack, but nonetheless it […]

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Cartridge Call – Product Reviews

My first impression upon receiving the cartridge calls, was how unique their appearance is! The bullet casing deisgn is not only eye catching, but also extremely functional. This product is compact, well made and well thought out. They are easy to use and the volume and clarity of sound is bang on. A handy feature with the 22-250 […]

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2015/2016 Calendar Contest

For the entire month of April, join us for the “Queens of Camo 2015/2016 Calendar Contest.” The photos with the most LIKES on Facebook (must be a fan of Queens of Camo to be counted) will be featured in our July 2015 – June 2016 Queens of Camo Calendar. To submit your photo, please email […]

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Jeana’s Bow Review

Lately as I have been visiting my hunting sites and posting on my Facebook groups I have come across a couple of things which have caught my attention. One thing in particular is the excessive goading and badgering back and forth between people on the brands of bows that they shoot. Trust me I know […]

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Cassie’s Hunting Story

Hi my name is Cassie. I have only had the privilege of going hunting a few times, but every time I felt a sence of freedom and empowerment. I’ve learned to control my breathing during intense situations, and how that affects almost every other action/reaction my body does. From first spotting the animal to releasing […]

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Morgan’s Hunting Story

I wish I had some heartwarming story about how I would sit in a stand with my father as a child in the middle of the woods and learn to hunt, but I don’t. Truth is, no one in my family hunts, but that’s not something that has discouraged hunting from being a part of […]

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Andrea’s Hunting Story

I grew up in a hunting family, but my recent love for bow hunting comes from my husband. It’s something we do together that doesn’t involve the internet, our cell phones, or the craziness of everyday life. I can leave the world behind and just focus on the task at hand. Hunting has taught me patience, given […]

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Cindi’s Hunting Story

I started hunting because of my amazing boyfriend introduced me to it. I’ve always been an outdoorsy woman. However I was never introduced to hunting, or knew many people who did hunt. But when I met Brandon, and I saw his passion for hunting, I couldn’t help but want to participate in it myself.   […]

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Sara’s Hunting Story

This is a Picture of son mason, and he is reason I got into hunting. I had the privilege of adopting mason when he was 3 Years old. I always wanted to be a mom, I wanted to be someone abd do something good. I never realized he would change my life for the better […]

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Shar’s Hunting Story

Learning the Hunt. Five years ago Is when I got into hunting when I met my husband to be. He is a Saskatchewan boy who used to hunt when he was young. I’ve always wanted to get into hunting but had no one around me who did. Hunting soon became a passion of mine as […]

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