Magical Marlin Moment in Cabo

Two years ago in June 2011 my honeymoon trip to Cabo San Lucas for Marlin fishing became a reality. There were so many other adventures during that trip but the Marlin fishing trumped them all. We woke up early to get to the docks before sunrise, loaded up on the boat and got our bait […]

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Bee Adventurous

Although Queens of Camo evokes a thought of only hunting because of the ‘CAMO’ in the name, we are not just women who hunt; we are women who fish, prepare our harvests, and enjoy the outdoors in every way possible. Inspiring women to find their passion for hunting does not always start with, well, hunting. […]

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NRA Convention Trip

I recently attended the National Rifle Association 2013 convention in Houston Texas. It was just to close to home not to go and well being the gun enthusiast I am, and NRA member I couldn’t miss it! Entry was free to all NRA members, a very cool plus! Boy I’m glad I went…. to say […]

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Teal… More than a Color!

I have admitted before that Teal are some of my favorite ducks. I like them for several different reasons. They are a ton of fun to hunt, beautiful, and delicious! Teal are super fast flyers and can sneak on by you when hunting if you’re not paying attention and ready for them. They are like […]

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Predator Problem

There has been an on going problem here locally and statewide in Texas. It has affected people in cities and out in the country, pet owners to ranchers and farmers. The problem that I am referencing is that of the over population of the native coyote. This predator has become a nuisance in more ways than one. The sad thing about cities growing is that the wildlife get pushed out of their habitats or they try and stay and live with humans eventually causing problems. I have seen this first hand in my home town of Port Aransas. For the past two years my town like many other Texas cities has been fighting with what to do with the over population of the coyotes. – They start getting into trash for food and even start eating small house pets as a food source. When a species becomes overpopulated many become ill and sick and they start spreading diseases. The coyotes really do attack pets, many cats and small dogs around town have fallen victim to hungry coyotes. Its really sad and sometimes traumatic! My parents neighbor lost two of her small dogs to coyotes and it was heartbreaking to see that happen to an eighty year old women! I see them on a weekly basis running down a street or the highway. You can hear them all the time calling at night! Its crazy cause we are not out in the country! My parents even had a cat named Buster disappear. Maybe coyote bait….. But I like to think some tourist took him back home with them and he is now living in Minnesota! – Another first hand issue I have seen with coyotes is on my family’s farm and friends ranches. It is bad enough that farmers are going broke over keeping their herds of cattle fed during a drought but now they have to worry about predators getting the baby calves. The same thing goes for our deer populations, the fawns are falling victim to the coyotes far more than they use to. Biologist have done flyovers on some of my friends and families ranches and have noted that there needs to be action taken on the coyotes or it is going to be an issue with the deer population. – This coyote problem is very worrisome to me and many others. It’s just an issue that hits close to home literally and I felt like venting about it! Now what is to be done? Well that is up to the cities to decide. I am not saying eradicating them totally just getting a hand on the over population. Predators are needed in the wild to keep the food chain in check but not in the numbers that they are in now. I know they were trapping and relocating the coyotes out of city limits but it hasn’t seemed to do any good. They are still around town in abundance. As far as the ranch and farms go some people trap and poison but many people shy away from both because they don’t want to get other animal species by mistake. So that leaves it up to predator hunters…….your help is needed in the south!

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Woman Into Warrior!

Without stereotyping women let me say the average woman spends her day running around after children, busting their butt at work, coming home to make dinner, cleaning house, doing laundry, being the taxi driver from one after school activity to another, tending to elderly parents or grandparents, cleaning up after pets, and so much more! […]

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Women in the Wild

I recently had a booth set up to sale my art work and Pink Marlin clothing at a local event. It was a dinner for an event called Women in the Wild 2013 put on by T.OW.N. of Rockport Texas. I have booths at several fishing tournaments and festivals a year but this was my […]

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Long Shot

A few years back I had the opportunity to go on an Axis deer Doe hunt. The exotic deer on this particular ranch in the Texas hill country were free range and extremely leery and spooky. There were two large herds of Axis deer that roamed the ranch and it was going to be a […]

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Recipe – Swordfish Steaks

Swordfish can be found in oceans all over the world, even in our little Gulf of Mexico. Sword fishing is something that is more commonly done at night but can also be done deep dropping in the day time. There are a handful of tournaments that fish Swordfish for sport. One of which happens to […]

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Getting Started – Weapons

Perhaps one of the most intimidating aspects of getting started in hunting is the weapon. Many people, especially women and children, are often afraid of guns, particularly if they haven’t had any exposure to them in the past. While a healthy respect for weapons is important, there is no reason to be afraid of guns or other weapons. All you need is a familiarity with your weapon of choice. Here are some tips to get you started. – Start now. Hunting season is not the time to learn how to use your weapon of choice. Before you head into the field to take an animal, you need to be confident in your skill with your weapon of choice so you can make the best shot and a quick, ethical kill. – Take a hunter safety course. Every state has hunter safety education programs, usually sponsored by the department of fish and wildlife for that state. Most states require hunters to have taken such a course before being able to purchase a hunting license. These courses are an excellent way to learn the basics of safe and ethical hunting. You will learn about the regulations of your state, safe gun handling, survival tips, basic woodsmanship, and game care. Most programs also have a field day, where participants have the opportunity to handle loaded guns under the supervision of trained instructors to ensure that you can properly and safely handle your weapon and demonstrate shooting proficiency before receiving your certificate. – Try before you buy. Weapons are a major expense and it is discouraging to spend hard-earned money on something that you later find you don’t like. If you know people with the weapons you are considering, talk to them about trying them out. Most people are more than happy to let you shoot their guns or bows. If you plan to do a lot of gun shooting, it would be nice to bring along your own ammunition, since this is not cheap and many people may not be happy for you to shoot up all of theirs. Ask what ammo they use in their guns to make sure you bring the right caliber. There are also some gun dealers with indoor shooting ranges that will let you try a gun out before you buy. – The same goes with bows. Many bow dealers have shooting ranges and will allow you to test out some bows. Even the ones that don’t have a range will probably let you draw the bows to let you see how it feels. Just be sure not to dry fire a bow, as this may damage or destroy it. Worse than buying something you don’t like is having to pay for something you can’t even use because you broke it! – Practice makes perfect. Now that you have acquired your weapon, regardless of what it is, you need to practice in order to become comfortable and proficient with it. Start out on a range with a target that will allow you to sight your weapon in. Take someone with you who knows how to adjust your sights. Have them show you how they are doing the adjustments and why. When you are shooting, try to focus on developing good technique. This is best achieved by having someone with you to watch you form and can give constructive critiques. It is much easier to correct form problems early than to fix them later, when they are more ingrained. Practice with your safety until it becomes second nature to set it after every shot. At first you will have to think through every step of the shooting process, but with time it will become automatic. – After practicing on the range, it is fun to go out and practice in the field on a variety of different targets. This may not be practical with a high powered rifle, but you can work on your skills with a .22 by shooting at cans, pine cones, and in some places, ground squirrels. With a bow, you can do something similar. My husband and I love to go stump shooting; we walk through the woods and find something that might make a worthy target, whether it is a stump, a pine cone, a tuft of weeds, or a stick and see who can hit it. It makes shooting more interesting than a regular target and is great for learning to judge distances. There are special tips (judo points) for arrows that help prevent them from skipping off into the great beyond. – There is no such thing as too much practice. Once you feel you are proficient during your practice sessions and feel confident with your shot placement every time you fire your weapon, […]

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