Meet Catrina – A Tennessee Huntress

First off, a little about myself. I am from West Tennessee and have lived in Gibson County my entire life. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 22 years, a mother of 4 wonderful children, and a nurse. Growing up, my dad and grandpa were avid hunters. My dad tried when I was a child to […]

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Meet Kelsey – Northern Huntress Gone South

Below freezing temperatures, bone chilling winds, mile after mile we walk through the marsh with gear and carrying decoys. We break the ice to put out decoys and tilt the mojo wing into the water, turned on, to keep the water from freezing over. With hand warmers, 1600 gram thinsulate waders and coffee, we do […]

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Meet Sharon – City Girl, Gone Country

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada, and growing up a city-girl, hunting was never a thought that crossed my mind. Then life changed when I moved across the country to a small community in the beautiful, majestic mountains of British Columbia. After settling into a new province and lifestyle (which was quite the culture-shock), […]

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Heather’s Corner – Lessons Learned

November 14 was a windy Sunday afternoon. I dont deer hunt from tree stands, i hunt from the ground using natural blinds. So i get to the general area i plan to hunt and the wind was just not in my favor. I walk around for a bit trying to figure out where to sit that […]

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Stuck in the Mud – A Duck Hunting Romance Story

I still remember this day like it was yesterday, and probably won’t ever forget it. It was only my second time out hunting with my boyfriend who at the time wasn’t my boyfriend. He has been hunting since he was 13, so he definitely has a leg up on me with experience and such. But […]

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Meet Sarah – The Newest Queen of Camo

I’m Sarah and I’m from Northeast Iowa. I am a CNA/EMT at a local hospital. Hunting hasn’t always been a part of my life. In fact I have only been hunting for about 7 years. It started with my cousin inviting me and my husband out coon hunting. I was scared and uncertain but I […]

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Jeana’s Corner – The Seasons

Christmas is fast approaching and it seems everyone is busy trying to get presents purchased, decorations put up and cards sent out. This year I was late doing all of those things. I felt bad, it was the first time in nearly 20 years that my tree had not been put up the first weekend […]

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Meet Desiree – Rhode Island Mother, Country Girl, Huntress

My names Desiree. I’m from a small town in Rhode Island. I grew up on a private dirt road, with a pond in my back yard. Every chance I had, I was outside getting dirty, fishing, riding quads. So you could say i was born and raised a country girl. I first started hunting with […]

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Growing up Huntin’

My passion for the outdoors began at a very young age. When i was a baby my dad would have me in a baby carrier on his back and would take me fishing on the river behind our house. Around 4 years old he began taking me waterfowl hunting. I don’t remember much of those […]

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Meet Queen Ashley – Mother, Wife, Hunting Addict

As a child I grew up with a father who was an avid hunter. I was always more interested in his hunts and the stories he told more than my three other sisters. As I got older and started dating my boyfriend, who is now my husband, and a hunter as well. I did not […]

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