Bear… I mean Fish Camp

The sun goes down hours earlier these days and that has given me time to start writing my blog entries again! It’s been a few years since I’ve been bear hunting, so when I got the chance to go to a friend’s bear camp, I jumped at the chance! I packed a bag and made […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Opening Day for Whitetails

This past Saturday, September 26 was the opening day of archery season for whitetail in Ohio. The days leading up to its arrival were filled with anxiety and busyness. I was taken back to my childhood as I suddenly began to feel like a 4 year old awaiting the arrival of Santa. I told myself, […]

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Elusion Camo

This year I am trying something new, trying to do more than just blend in with my surroundings, I am going to become my surroundings. With the new camo from Elusion Camo, I plan to give Mother Nature a run for her money. Elusion uses a feature called absflection technology which actually absorbs light and […]

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A Call for Customer Service in the Outdoor’s World

In the hunting industry, I think, more than any other customer service is key. While it may seem like a large industry, the whole six degrees of separation comes into play. You will always find someone who is connected to someone else or who pro staffs with said individual. Growing up when I worked fast […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Argentina Blackbuck

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about my axis deer hunt in Argentina, so this story has the same setting, only this one tells about my search for a blackbuck antelope which began on day 3 of our hunt. Our morning started out much like the previous two did, and after breakfast we headed […]

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Lisa’s Corner – Bowfishing

Is there anything better to do in the summer besides fishing? Yep! It’s called bow fishing!! A much looked over, and growing popularity sport. Most people, just attach a bow fishing kit, (purchased at hunting stores) and attach it to their hunting bow. Not me!! I chose to buy a PSE tidal wave, […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Dwindling Herds or Dwindling Responsibility?

I have not been hunting as long as a lot of people, so I know I have not seen it all or done it all when it comes to hunting, nor do I know it all, but I have noticed in the 7 years that I have been hunting that in the areas I hunt […]

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Sherri’s Corner – Day Two Success

Anticipation surrounding a hunting-based holiday can be overwhelming at times with all the questions, plans, flights, packing and ‘to-do’ lists that need completing. Once you’ve reached your destination though, all of the hustle and bustle surrounding all that prep work suddenly becomes well worth it, especially if your destination is the beautiful Algar Safaris […]

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Lisa’s Corner – The Colorado Huntress

My father introduced me to my first BB gun when I was four. From there, I graduated to a 12 gauge. As soon as I took my hunters safety, I began hunting coyotes with my dad. Being a daughter of a cattle rancher, you realize hunting certain animals isn’t a hobby, it is vitally […]

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Jeana’s Corner – Anchor Sight

I recently became Team Leader of a hunting team and have the privilege of working with some really great sponsors. One of those is archery innovations. Archery innovations is the creator of the anchor sight. If you have not heard of this I am not surprised, most people hunt with a peep sight, I myself […]

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