Love & Fishing

It was a beautiful summer day at Lake Raystown as I’m fishing off a boat with my parents and boyfriend. I was looking forward to this fishing trip all summer and I just couldn’t wait to get on the water and fish! A few weeks before the trip, I went to Cabelas and bought a […]

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Just Call Me MacGyver

My husband thought I just liked to fish, but on a recent backpack trip, he learned just how much I actually love fishing and to what extent I will go to keep on fishing when challenges arise. Ken and I took our pack goats on a 9 day trip into the St. Joe River wilderness […]

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Trout Wrestler?

Ever have one of those fishing encounters where you land a monster and no one is around to see or help? I had been stream fishing a spot by a small waterfall a few times in a row with no major catches for a few trips. This particular trip proved to be quite successful and […]

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Expect the Unexpected

Queen April wrote a blog recently about a fishing trip that went awry. Well, things like that happen more often that we may like. I too have recently had a fishing trip that left something to be desired. – Every summer for the past few years we have ventured to our friend’s house in Rhode […]

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Bass Baby Bass!

Growing up near the Texas Gulf coast & then living nearly right on it for the last 11 years, saltwater fishing was a staple for me. “Lets go fishing” was a nearly every weekend phrase that would result in hours on the water catching fish, taking in the sun, and spending time with great friends […]

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Fishy Tales – Sense of Humor Required

It was a nice, warm June day. It was the weekend and we had lovely weather. No plans on the agenda, so what better thing to do than go fishing? Fishing is fun and enjoyable and great for family time, right? – So we loaded up the truck, packed an ice chest, and headed for […]

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First Time Fly Fishing

I love it when I get to break away from my office chair for a few minutes. I love it even more when breaking away means getting outside. So yesterday, when the incessant rain we have been having stopped for a few, my husband and I threw some poles and waders in the trunk, then […]

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Go Fish!

I am lucky enough to be able to work for myself and my husband does the same, therefore we get to make our own schedules. It leaves a lot of flexibility to squeeze in some outdoor fun time in the middle of the work week whenever we have downtime. One place we enjoy taking the […]

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Yellowfin Tuna are probably my favorite fish to eat. Yeah I know I say that about a lot of fish, I am a huge fan of many fish species, but Yellowfin is by far one of the best. We have caught them occasionally trolling for billfish but have also gone on trips to floating rigs […]

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Recipe – Redfish on the Half-Shell

Redfish on the Half-Shell (Recipe)   The Red Drum, more commonly known as the Redfish, Bull Red or just Red are some of my favorite saltwater inshore fish to catch and eat. These fish are extreme fighters and bottom huggers which always make for a heavy fight regardless of their size. Redfish are easily recognizable […]

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