Product Review – Gunpowder and Glitz

I must admit, I was a little worried since I am an outdoors girl that this jewelry wouldn’t be “rugged” enough. However, after climbing trees, refilling feeders, and traipsing through the brush, this jewelry had put through the ringer. To my surprise- it withstood it all! No broken rings or earrings! I highly recommend this jewelry to all women. This jewelry is fantastic! It goes with anything! Jeans, boots, dresses, church clothes- it matches it all. It’s fashionable and durable. Whether you’re a girly girl or an outdoorsy girl, this jewelry will fit your style. 

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Prairie Dog’n

There’s are lots of people who want to protect the wild life of prairie dogs because of there past extermination. What those people don’t understand is how destructive prairie dogs can be to a farmers land. We have a prairie dog town just north of our farm that has caused a lot of damage to […]

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Product Review – Shoot Thru Scope Covers

For years, I have used flip-style covers on my rifle scope. While they do a great job of keeping the scope free of dirt, debris, and rain, there is nothing more frustrating than pulling the scope to my eye in order to shoot at a nice buck, only to see nothing but black. By the […]

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Product Review – Sitting Hawk Chairs

The sitting hawk chair claims that it is lightweight, versatile, and that it can be used for any outdoor adventure, no matter the terrain. The company claims that it will not sink in mud and can be adjusted on the most uneven terrains so that you can set even and perform at your best. I’ve […]

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Product Review – Sigma Outdoors

Sigma Outdoors is the creator of EverScent game attractants. They designed mess free twist tube scents that can be used as an attractant or a cover scent for hunting wild game. Their product claims to last longer than your ordinary liquid scent because the crystal gel technology is infused with a natural scent. However they […]

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Shifting in the Sticks!

Unless you were taught at a young age most people have never learned to drive a stick shift. Myself being one, so just a few weeks ago I decided it was time and I really wanted to learn so my hubby and I packed up and headed out to our farm. We figured there was […]

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Product Review – PRT Products Hammertime Tie Out Stakes

PRT Products or Professional Retriever Training Products is a company that keeps man’s best friend in mind at all times. The passion and commitment for all dogs, especially retriever dogs, is evident in their website, company and their products. I received the Hammertime Tie-Out Stake to review and although the stake is developed for dogs […]

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Product Review – Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain is one of those companies I can’t believe I didn’t know about and wish I would have years ago! I was beyond excited when I received the All Weather Hunting Journal Kit, a little skeptical of waterproof paper and pen, but none the less excited. – Rite in the Rain’s website […]

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.50 Caliber Fever

There are some moments that will be forever engrained in your mind & some phone calls that you will never get over. Ring, ring…do you want to shoot a .50 cal? What? For real? Ummm YES! Who would even think twice about that?! My hesitancy was more of disbelief that I would get the chance […]

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Get Geared Up for Hunter’s Safety Courses

Communities across the nation are gearing up for hunting season and this means that both new and seasoned hunters should be inquiring about hunting license and safety education requirements for their state. In many states, a hunter’s safety course is a requirement before a person can get a hunting license. – The most basic purpose […]

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